Logo of Daikin, featuring the company name in bold blue capitalized letters, styled with a sharp geometric design on the left side, representing their expertise in air conditioning.

As one of Australia’s most trusted names in air conditioning, Daikin can be found in homes, businesses, and community projects across Australia. They have been heating and cooling Australian homes for over 50 years. Daikin understand being comfortable is what makes any environment feel like ‘home’, and take pride in designing products that provide clean, efficient, and superior comfort in the places we live, work and play.

Hitachi company logo featuring the word "hitachi" in dark letters with a red dot above the letter 'i' and the slogan "air conditioning solutions" beneath.

Steeped in Japanese tradition, Hitachi design and deliver end-to-end cooling & heating solutions that promote well-being and enhance quality of life. Hitachi pride itself on creating complex systems that make peoples lives simple. With high end technology, Hitachi work to provide the most cutting edge up to date systems to  offer a perfect balance to create an environment where people can discover and experience harmony.

Logo of Temperzone, featuring a stylized blue and red symbol alongside the company name in dark blue text and the tagline "air conditioning innovations" underneath.

For over 65 years, Temperzone commercial air conditioning has designed and manufactured leading air conditioning equipment. Through their commitment to local production, they are one of the only organisations to manufacture all air conditioning products locally. Temperzone is dedicated to innovative solutions that reduce the environmental impacts of air conditioning. Temperzone's products are renowned for their durability and reliability.Temperzone's core focus continues to be the development of innovative solutions for modern building requirements.